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The Elizabethan Wardrobe Accessories

Image of the pattern cover.Second Edition
$22.00 (Calif. add sales tax)

Many a stunning Renaissance costume has been painstakingly constructed and fitted, representing uncounted hours of work (or much more!) and hundreds of dollars in materials -- only to have the effect ruined by something as simple as lack of a hat. Fortunately, that omission is easy to correct.

This package provides the patterns you need to complete the wardrobes begun with either our Elizabethan Lady's or Gentleman's patterns. Here you will find the elegant ruffs and distinctive hats and headpieces of the period, for both men and women. The Second Edition has a total of seven hats, neck and wrist ruffs, standing ruff with supportasse, two purses, a fan, and a lady's needlebook.

The 85-page manual contains a wealth of valuable millinery techniques, detailed instructions, and illustrations. This includes some of the pieces that have, until now, been difficult to get right, such as the attifet, French hood, standing ruff and supportasse. The manual is completed by the usual layout diagrams, appendices, bibliography, and an attractive cover insert.

"The Pattern is so amazing! More like a tutorial than anything else. Thank you Mrs. Anderson! I can't believe you can put out such an amazing product for the price."
 - Rachael

"I am absolutely thrilled with the quality, the thoroughness and the professionalism these patterns have."
 - Kelli

"...wait 'till you get Margo's Patterns - they'll blow you away! :) "
 - Bella



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