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The Elizabethan Lady's Wardrobe

Image of the pattern cover.Second Edition

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The Elizabethan Lady's Wardrobe is the centerpiece of our Elizabethan Lady's Ensemble. Upon its introduction in 2001, it dramatically raised the standard in historic costume patterns. Two years later, the Second Edition incorporated experience, suggestions, and customer feedback, which made it even better.

This carefully researched & documented pattern set comprises an underskirt, six skirt types, four types of bodice and eight styles of sleeves -- not including the included variations like shoulder rolls, wings, and three styles of tabs! This means, without even counting trim designs or changes in material, you can assemble 960 variations from this pattern package alone!

The Elizabethan Lady's Wardrobe package includes (click on a topic to see technical illustrations):

The patterns are multi-sized from 2 to 30 (view sizing chart pdf).

In addition, the package comes with extensive instructions: 142 pages of fully illustrated text, 3-hole punched for insertion in a binder. This includes instruction in advanced sewing and costuming techniques, trim suggestions, appendices, sizing and measuring charts, a detailed bibliography, and an attractive cover insert. As some of our customers have said, the manual alone is worth the price of the package.

"Margo with her eye for detail and her labor intense work, she is the QUEEN of the Elizabethan gown!"
 - Pat (first edition)

"The good news is that the spanish sleeves are gorgeous, and the pattern was easier to fit than any other I have ever used including those that I have drafted myself. Margo, your pattern FITS incredibly well."
 - Cat (first edition)

"Thank you Margo!!! I used your Ladies bodice and sleeve patterns and never have I sewn something that went together so perfectly."
 - Diane (first edition)



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