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The Tudor Lady's Wardrobe

All New
$48.00 (Calif. add sales tax)

By popular request, we are delighted to present our Tudor Lady's Wardrobe pattern.

This package gives you everything you need to dress the Tudor woman, from undergarments to accessories.

It's not just for the upper class lady: we also provide instructions and pattern pieces for the working class Tudor woman.


This pattern includes a 100+ page manual with the same clear and detailed instructions that made our Elizabethan patterns world famous. With detailed historical notes by Tudor researcher Kimiko Small.

"I know every one including myself is waiting for Margo's Tudor.... No other patternmaker educates you the way she does with her manuals."
 - Chris

"Wonderful I love your patterns Margo I will have to add these to my collection"
 - Misty



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