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The Italian Lady's Pattern Line
The Italian Lady's Underpinnings
pattern serves as the foundation of your Italian woman's garb.
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The Italian Lady's Wardrobe
is the centerpiece of your period outfit!
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The Italian Lady's Combo:
Get both Italian Lady's patterns at one discounted price. Ships at single package rate.
The Tudor Pattern Line
The Tudor Lady's Wardrobe
Everything you need to dress the Tudor woman, from undergarments to accessories. For the upper class to working class woman.
The Elizabethan Pattern Line
The Elizabethan Lady's Underpinnings
pattern serves as the foundation of your Elizabethan woman's garb.
The Elizabethan Lady's Wardrobe
the centerpiece of your period outfit!

Elizabethan Wardrobe Accessories
completes both men and women's Elizabethan wardrobes.
The Elizabethan Gentleman's Wardrobe
Second Edition

The Elizabethan Working Woman's Wardrobe.
The historically accurate choice for those who don't play noble ladies!
  Small image of The Bard's English book cover.  
The Bard's English

A guidebook for those who would learn the language as it was spoken between 1500 and 1650; the time of Queen Elizabeth and Shakespeare, and is the time frame for most Renaissance Faires.

(If you've had trouble trying to order The Bard's English, please give it another try, as Historic Costume Patterns has now taken over sales of the book.)


"I wish I had started with the Margo Anderson patterns instead of the big three commercial patterns. I had been sewing for years when I got them ... the methods & instructions & suggestions for trim are worth the price alone without the patterns. I learned a great deal from them & found it well worth the price."
 - Sharon

"Just a little side note about Margo's patterns. It is not just "a pattern." It entails EVERYTHING from the chemise, farthingale, bum roll, to the outer garments in multiple sizes and multiple countries. She includes all of the accessories like hats, purses, etc. What you get in Margo's patterns would cost you at least twice as much if you could find the patterns with someone else. AND -- on top of everything else -- they are historically correct with great instructions that are easy to follow!! NO -- I do not get any kind of commission or money for promoting Margo's patterns but -- I did buy her patterns and have been using them for my Elizabethans and I am EXTREMELY happy with them!! ... I do not believe you will be disappointed."
 - Diane



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